Nanofiber Systems for Laboratories
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Educational Engineering Business Unit (ENG)

Nanofiber Systems for Laboratories

NF-500 Electro-spinning machine for laboratory use

The NF-500 is the electro-spinning setup integrating up-to-date nanofiber technology with high future extensibility.

● Flexible system design

The NF-500 can integrate various component units to meet your nanofiber needs.

● State-of-the-art technology

The NF-500 can mount the heating and the ultra-thin co-axial spinneret to make new-type nanofibers.

NANON-01A Electro-spinning machine for laboratory use

The model NANON-01A is a nanofiber electrospinning system for R & D purpose. A variety of materials can be spun by programming spinning conditions and combining system parts such as spinnerets and collectors.

● Spinning high uniformity and quality nanofiber sheets

MECC’s unique technology creates stable electronic fields, enabling spin of nanofibers of uniform fiber diameter and with very few droplets.

● Quick and easy programming with a 10-key controller

With a 10-key controller makes quick and easy programming of parameters such as: High voltage, Solution volume, Feed rate, Diameters of syringes, Rotaion speed of collectors, Width of spinnerets, Traversing speed, and Frequency and intervals of cleaning

● Easy replacement of system parts

Both spinnerets and collectors can be replaced quickly and easily.

● Spinning aligned membranes of super low orientation

Membranes of super low orientation at 5 degree or less can be spun. (patented)

● Integrating cleaning mechanism

The system has a cleaning mechanism for syringe needles, and the cleaning frequencies and intervals are preprogrammable.

● Safety measures for operators

The system is equipped with safety devices for operators such as a door interlock, emergency stop switches, a signal tower, strengthened glass and instant shutoff of high voltage output.