STR06 Forces in a Truss
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Educational Engineering Business Unit (ENG)

STR06 Forces in a Truss

40 stainless steel members permit the construction of a choice of ten trusses based on the 3:4:5 triangle. Loading can be applied at the outstanding bottom boom joints. Strain gauged force transducers: three for tension and two for compression, can be clamped onto any member: the indicating digital display meter reads directly in Newtons up to 500N. The force in the cross bracing members can also be measured.

Tender Specification

1. To compare the measured forces in the members of a pin ท jointed truss with the values calculated by the method of sections.

2. The apparatus consists of 40 stainless steel members and 20 joints, designed for construction of 3:4:5 triangle and equal triangle trusses, in one plane

3. Two pulleys for load reversal.

4. Simultaneous measurement of five force transducers (Three for tension and two for compression) supplied, along with an electronic digital indicator up to 500 N full scale .

5. Measuring the forces in the corss bracing members of the bridge.

6. Comprehensive technical manual for student and lecturer provided.

7. Set of weights ft 1 m ruler supplied

8. One year warranty