FM04 Fluid Friction Measurement
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Educational Engineering Business Unit (ENG)

FM04 Fluid Friction Measurement

Fluid Friction Measurements Apparatus has been designed for students to study on the fluid friction head losses of an incompressible fluid flow. The test circuit mounted on a formica laminated backboard testing on top of a mobile bench with lockable caster. The unit is to study the friction losses on smooth bore pipes of various diameters and a roughened pipe. In addition to the study of losses in straight pipes, a wide range of accessories are also provided including 90 bend, elbow and T, 45 elbow, sudden contraction and enlargement, inline strainer, various valves and flow-meters.


Test Rig

High quality frame table coated with formica and formica coated backboard to support test

circuits comes with the following facilities:

- 90* bend, 90*elbow, 90* T, 45* elbow

- sudden enlargement, sudden contraction, inline strainer

- check valve, ball valve, gate valve, globe valve

- all pressure connections are quick coupling with auto shut-off valve for not to leak water through disconnected pressure tapping

- venturi made of clear acrylic, inlet diameter 29 mm, throat diameter 16 mm

- orifice made of clear acrylic, inlet diameter 29 mm

- pitot tube made of stainless steel, installed in clear acrylic pipe diameter 19 mm.

- a plastic cover