FM05 Multi Pump Test Set
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Educational Engineering Business Unit (ENG)

FM05 Multi Pump Test Set

This Multi-Pump Test Set has been designed to help students understand the characteristic, performance and application of the various pumps found in the industry. A total of four pumps are presented in this bed. All pumps are installed with a suction and discharge pressure gauge and permanently mounted to reduce the tedious task of removing, interchanging, retightening, plus the most important aspect of preventing accidents from occurring due to wrong installation and unnecessary losses of downtime in a limited laboratory lesson.


a) Centrifugal pump

Maximum   Capacity                   : 100 I/min                   

Maximum Head                          : 15m

b) Turbine pump

Maximum Capacity                     : 50 I/min

Head                                            : 30m

c) Gear pump

Maximum Capacity                      : 17 I/min

Maximum Head                            : 60 m (limited by system relief valve)

d) Vane pump

Maximum Capacity                       : 2.3 GPM

Maximum Head                            : 10 Bar